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My pride and joy
I need to wipe her down cause she’s outside but my #GoldenCrocodile from #plantproper is my pride and joy right now! Always having a new beautiful copper leaf! πŸ‚ #PhiloFlock #Philodendron #PhilodendronGoldenCrocodile #PlantProperFanClub #plantpropermail
I’m right there with you! I’m in LOVE with my croc that you picked for me. It’s up there in my top 5 faves.
@TJphilobsessed it’s absolutely stunning. Where do you have yours?
OMG those leaves!!!! That is fantabulous!!! 🀩🀩πŸ₯°
This is definitely on my list for my next PP purchase!
@PlantMompy it’s so pretty. I can’t get over it
I am sooooo jealous!! This plant is at the top of my wish list along with ring of fire! Yours is beautiful!! 😱
@OopsIWetMyPlant You need to get a Ring of Fire. It’s amazing. Also check into Philo Jose Buono. It’s gorgeous!
@jcPlantProper Mine is in my dining room area with grow lights and it’s doing well! My leaves are not serrated quite so much though. I probably need to repot it.
@jcPlantProper wow stunning 🀩 πŸ’•πŸ’―πŸ’šπŸŒ± Happy growing. I just put in a application in at out local plant store.
@KikiGoldblatt that’s awesome!! That would be so nice
Oh WOWZERS! That is a gorgeous baby! There goes another on my wishlist!
@TJphilobsessed thank youuuuuu!! πŸ‘πŸ½

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