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Squishy, limp leaves?
This happens on a lot of my succulents. Lower leaves will get squishy, limp, sometimes turn a different color, sometimes shrivel, then fall off. The rest of the plant typically looks healthy though. What could I change?
4ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 19 hours ago
How often are you watering?
@1becka23 whenever I get notifications from Greg, which is about every 12 days for this plant.
I was struggling with this same issue when I first started caring for succulents. I found that I was watering too often or the soil was staying moist for too long. I began gently pressing on the older (usually lower) leaves before watering. If there is no give and the leaves are firm, I don’t water…even if the soil is bone dry. I water when the leaves are soft AND the soil is dry. In the winter, succulents want significantly less water than in the warmer months. I hope that helps! Changing my watering habits for succulents certainly changed things for me. Of course another reason could be pests or underwatering. But, it doesn’t sound like underwatering is the issue?
@1becka23 thank you! I’ll give this a go!
This happens to my succulents if it has been raining outside for days on end when they live in pots (that's where they are), so I moved them undercover so I can control the watering much, much more

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