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So I have this Hoya….
It’s in a pretty small pot but it’s got some long arms (2-3 feet!) that are currently wrapping around the Shepard hook. This is not a sustainable situation because winter so I need advice/thoughts on trellises in this situation. I don’t think plant itself is big enough for a bigger pot so I need something tall enough but not too heavy or should I just do a hoop and wrap it around several times? Pics aren’t great since I’m trying to cook dinner at the same time because life. #HoyaHangout #HoyaPubicalyx #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
I have used wire to hold up some "hair" in plants I'm not ready to repot and don't want to disturb the roots shoving poles into.
You can loop them around the plant or get a few bamboo sticks to put in there for the vines to climb. Recently, I chopped the long vines off my Pubicalyx and I'm propping them in water and leca.

I just made a cut under the top-most set of leaves and popped them in a jar.

Cutting the vines will force the growth back into the main plant as well and it might even produce a stem that branches off into two!
@sarahsalith did you add anything to the Leca and water for the prop? I have some cuttings going and have sprayed some orchid fertilizer on the leaves. Now I’m just waiting 🫣
Thanks guys! I need to act fast, I noticed on my way out this morning she’s wrapped around 2 more times! It’s my after work project today
I got some wire and made my own circle trellises for my Hoyas that are in super small pots. They’re wrapping themselves daily. The wire is nice because it’s very light.
I made a small hoop trellis with craft wire then broke my plant trying to maneuver it 🤬 but now it’s in water rooting so I guess it’s a win win?

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