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My plant is dropping leaves but I’m not sure if it’s too much or too little water! Soil is dry after having watered it a week ago!
8ft to light, direct
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
These plants like warmth and humidity so make sure you are providing those two things. Check the soil, if it’s super moist you may be losing leaves to root rot. Either poke a stick down in the soil a few times to create airflow or repot with new soil. If it feels dry you might need more water 👍
Usually ficuses leaf’s drop when it’s overwatered but it can also happen when it’s underwated as well. Check and see if the stem is mushy near the bass of the plant and if it is then that might mean you have a problem in the root. If not I would just give your plant a nice dink and see how it does!
Is the “8ft to light” listed on the profile for this plant correct? If so, have you ever seen new growth from this plant? If your fiddle leaf is dropping leaves in this spot, and you have NOT seen new growth, my first recommendation would be to move the plant in front of a south facing window. My fiddle leaf needs a lot of bright direct/indirect light to put out new leaves. If you believe it is getting adequate light in this spot (you have seen it put out several new large leaves in this spot) then it is likely a watering issue. Water when the soil is about halfway dry, enough to saturate the soil but let the excess drain away thoroughly. Fiddle leaves are very prone to all manner of root rot and pests and other soil problems, so it’s a tricky balance keeping them happy. Good luck!

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