Posted 8M ago by @RadGasteria

My leaves are dieing what should I do to help revive

Last watered 8 months ago
@RadGasteria Oh no, sorry to hear about your Zonale Geranium leaves! Let's get to the root of this …Could you give me the lowdown on how you've been treating your plant lately? How often are you watering, what kind of light is it getting, and any other care routines you've been following? The more deets, the better I can help you troubleshoot and bring those leaves back to life! 🌱🍃
It lives on the porch I’ve had it for about 6mo now I water it when ever the soil is dry
Allot of the leaves just started dieing
@RadGasteria even though you're giving it that H2O when the top soil goes desert-dry, a couple of things might be going on:

Sun Sitch: Porch life's awesome, but maybe it's getting too much intense sun or not enough? Geraniums are like the Goldilocks of light – they want it just right.
Nutrition Check: Geraniums dig their grub too. Maybe they're feeling a bit peckish? A balanced fertilizer every so often could be the secret sauce.
Pest Patrol: Sneaky bugs could be having a leafy buffet. Check under those leaves for any uninvited guests.
Root Reality: Sometimes, root rot can sneak up if the soil's holding onto moisture for too long. Geraniums like to dance with well-draining soil.
Remember, a little tough love can work wonders – trim those dead leaves, adjust the light, give it some nourishment, and keep an eye out for pests. Your Geranium might just be plotting a comeback! 🌱🍃