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Who asked about using baby wipes on plants leafs? I cant find the original post.....but I found these on Amazon lol!! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantmafia #sciencewithgreg #cleanleaves
@angelw1975 oooohhhhh do these work pretty good?
Do you use on all plants?
I've been wanting to make my own! I use cloth wipes with my kiddos so I figure it's the same idea, I just haven't found what I want the "mixture" to be πŸ€”
Oh those are cool!
I would think just water and teeny bit of dish soap. OR since you get some concentrated neem oil and add some to the water mixture that you would use. Then you’re cleaning the leaves and doing pest preventive care. @PlantMompy
@Sassylimey asked!
These are a great idea!!
How cool, 😎
Checking this out
They also have keiki paste!
Thanks for posting it! That would be so helpful and make what can be a tedious job more enjoyable. If they work I’d definitely try them!
Interesting! I use a rag or paper towels πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@RousingLuronium I just received them today!
@TruthfulApricot @Happyplants247 @Sassylimey I tried them out on a couple snake plants....tried to keep the angle similar between before and after but.... they seem to work well to remove dust and I'm wondering if the cinnamon in them is pest prevention??!!
I know cinnamon deters soil gnats, I'm thinking I'm going to have to try these out!!
@angelw1975 they look like they work really well! Thanks for the feedback, even better with pics😍
Nvr seen plant wipes in the market here either. Does it make it easier?
@Sleepysunday it was evenly moist without being wet and it lasted a good while. It didn't leaves any lint or residue so it definitely is nice for a quick wipe!
The only complaint I have is they don't come out of the package smoothly...they don't seem to have the "pop up" effect like tissues.
Just ordered some! Can’t wait to try them out!

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