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Dying leaves on my split leaf philodendron…
I’ve just noticed several of the smaller leaves on my philodendron are looking dry and chalky. Any ideas what could cause this? Or how to remedy? #Philodendron #SplitLeafPhilodendron
They might just not be getting enough nutrients from the plant because the other ones look fine. Just keep and eye out!
Looks like it may have spider mites, pull the dying leaves off as the plant is going to try to use its energy to try and fix itself. Next get some insecticidal soap and spray it down right away esp under the leaves
Update: it does look like come kind of bug. They are small, black bugs that don’t leave a web
I would highly suggest you take your plant in the sink and get ready for some #RootCleaning!

Take the roots and wash them with lukewarm water and isopropyl alcohol (70% or less!) to disinfect and clean those roots! While you’re at it, take sterilized scissors and cut any black mushy leaves/roots.

Gently repot the plant in fresh new soil and make sure to wash the pot with dish soap to kill off any remaining bugs and bacteria!

I would spray your plant with a fungicide to kill any living plants in your leaves and overtime. Test on a leaf before to make sure no reaction occurs!

Good luck and happy growing! 🤗🪴💕
I'm dealing with the same thing on my split leafs. I wiped down all the leaves with a cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. Then I sprayed them.

I sprayed Neem oil (use once a week) and I'm spraying the Natria Insecticidal Soap each night.

I have them separated and quarantined in a bathroom so I can thoroughly spray them down.

Make sure you wipe and spray the underside of the leaves as that's where you'll see most of the bugs.

Also, spray your other plants, especially, those that were close to the split leaf with Natria.

If using Neem oil, do not expose your plants to light otherwise it will damage your leaves. I'm keeping mine out of light for a few days to make sure.

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