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I got long white bugs

I got white bugs sliding around in my pot. I just poured some rubbing alcohol on them. Then I saw a small crawling bug. Gross ðŸĪĒ. I need help, I'm trying to keep this plant alive but I don't need the infestation
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Repot. First I carefully rinse all the soil off the rootball. Make sure the water is about the same temperature as the soil or else you'll damage the roots. Repot in fresh soil. Spray the leaves and stems with neem oil. No guarantee it'll work, it's just what I do. Hope it helps.
You could try adding systemic granules or repotting the plant. Depending on how big the root system is you could probably size down using less dirt for the repot! Good luck!
I killed the bugs with alcohol. Next is to repot it with new soil. I hope using alcohol won't be to harsh. It is a rescue plant. Not even sure what type of plant it is.