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Prime Day Plant Finds?
Has anyone else been buying some plant supplies the last 2 days? I managed to find a plant stand I've been price watching for a while (gambled on a warehouse one for extra discount) a repotting mat and some new portable humidifiers to hopefully make my humid loving babies happier. πŸ˜‚ Any other finds you all made? #shoppingtherapy #primeday #plantsupplies #sales #dealalert

Humidifier Lightning Deal:

Repotting Mats:

Plant Stand:

Currently select warehouse items are additional 25% off. These are returned or flawed items so it's a gamble but I have gotten some great items this way in the past!

Warehouse deal on Moss Poles (used & limited stock):

All Gardening & Outdoor Warehouse Deals:
Add the #DealAlert !
Im avoiding Prime Days but now I might need to do some shopping πŸ‘€ πŸ˜‚
@PlantyPlanter Oooo thank you! Added!
There's quite a few plant pots and plant stands up on the warehouse deal. I edited the post with the direct link to all gardening items. These are limited stock. Double check the quality information if you don't want severe flaws/imperfections before purchasing.
I was just about to check for some goodies πŸ€‘ i got some moss poles yesterday

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