Posted 4M ago by @geemcolo

Why is my callisia repens really dry and browning in the middle?
It’s been like this since I got it a bit. Is it overwatering, underwatering, or root rot? I would love to be able to save it and help it grow. It’s one of my favorite plants
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
It seems like root rot. I'd take it out from the pot and check the roots, but I'm not sure if it's reversible at this point
@Orked check the pot for what? I’ve never had to deal with root rot before so I’m unsure.
@geemcolo i meant to say "check the roots", sorry 😅. If the roots are soggy and mushy, they're definitely rotting
This underwatering sign sort of matches your photo. But you last watered it 8 days ago, so it's less likely underwatering unless the amount of water was too little. So i guess it's better to check the soil and roots.
@Orked checked the soil and the roots! There wasn’t too many issues but I took off a few of the roots and I repotted it! Hopefully it will start getting better and grow as it enters growing season
Good luck! 💕

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