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Satin Pothos Struggles
Okay. So maybe part of me is just comparing my plant to others' lush and beautiful and large Scindapsis Pictuses, but I'm struggling with getting this one to grow or fill out like at all. I have 3 growth points, total, since I got it. Maybe I just picked a bad one to begin with, but that's how it's been. And THEN, I accidentally smashed a leaf and I had to cut it off, and so now I have 2 growth points. AAAUAGH
One is vining rather uncontrollably (and not as in growing quickly, just as in it looks and grows wonky), and the other I wrapped and pinned into the soil and it's just now starting to grow over the edge of the pot.
Maybe this isn't a question so much as a venting session πŸ˜…, but any advice? Im propogating one of the leaves in water right now in the hope that it will be another growth point I can report into the soil, but I've never propogated before and this plant has just been growing So Slow. So I'm a little worried I just cut off another leaf for nothing. Anyone who has experience with Satin "Pothos", are they good at growing back at other points if you prune them? I'm just really skeptical and nervous that I might try something and cut back my plant for it never to grow back again.
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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My scindapsis is a SUPER slow grower, especially compared to my pothos plants. It drives me absolutely insane how slow it is, but I try to ignore it so that I can be surprised when I finally check on it πŸ˜‚ it’s just how they are! I promise it’s not you! πŸͺ΄πŸ’š
I'm not 100% on these either. I have 2 golden and 2 satin. 1 gold and 1 satin are flourishing wonderfully and 1 gold and 1 silver are growing wonky, if they are realy even growing. I do know that trauma and stress can be a HUGE play in how they grow and how fast they grow. It seems the ones I have that haven't had any accidents or anything are fine but the 2 that I have that have had any sort of trauma (big or small) are so hot to trot. I'm still doing my research but I know @kscape is pretty familiar with them so maybe she can help out.
You can cut it back to right before the leaf! This should help it grow
Mine was just a little bigger then yours and I repotted it once it had some room to grow it took off . It’s is a little leggy in some places. I have only had this plant a little over one year
@A.J. wow 😳 that. Is. Amazing.
I found my exotica easy to please. Even got a secondβ€” can’t recall the variety. On sale at #plantproper It’s very pretty 🀩 but not sensational. A good plant to have. Oh, it’s a Thailand. Very perky but not growing like banshees

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