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Weird curly leaves on money plant
What is happening to my money plant? Typically on my east facing window, water every week-9 days depending on how sunny/dry the soil gets. Are these leaves dying or what is happening? Also it doesn’t seem to want to have more than 5 leaves at a time - is there a way I can get it to grow more lush? #moneyplant #plantcare
Seems a little like still too moist. Is there good drainage? Also may need to inspect the roots for the start of rot. You have some new growth in the middle…. So it’s still doing fairly well.
How far away from east facing window? It might be too direct of light.
Or it’s not drying out enough between watering
@CarltonUOP ah okay, I just watered it yesterday
@Shaubplantshack this is where she lives normally!
@DiversePokaka I agree with @CarltonUOP check for root rot.
@Shaubplantshack thank you!! Will do 🫑
Wishing for the best, keep us posted.
@Shaubplantshack just took a look @CarltonUOP the roots look fine, just super wet. I will just make sure it dries out more between waterings.
@DiversePokaka if she is that super wet. I would change out as much soil as you can for dryer soil. They get root rot so easy.

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