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Cutting not rooting?
I have 2 Manjula Pothos cutting's that aren't rooting.... alive....but not rooting. I received them in a Costa Farms rescue project from Lowes.

Like...I received the cuttings themselves planted in the dirt without roots. πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ.... And they still don't have roots. What the heck πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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Have you tried rooting hormone?

How long has it been?
Maybe they would root in water and then repot them.
@sarahsalith I put some rooting hormone on it last week and still nothing yet... I have it in sphagnum moss... should I put it in water?
@melodey at this point I would put them in water to propagate them. That’s just my opinion. Just be patient it take awhile to root in water. I’m proping satin pothos and it’s taking forever to see roots. They are rooting tho.
@sarahsalith @Pegster @KikiGoldblatt thanks guys I'll be switching them to water today.
@melodey sphagnum moss is good, but water might be better.

If it helps, manjulas are slow growers. Mine has been about the same size for a year.
To be honest, I know a lot of people are saying to switch to water but you may want to just wait it out with the sphagnum moss. Less risk of it rotting.

I’ve had numerous people in plant groups here locally (who know well more than me) tell me now that they try to avoid water propping and recommend sphag and perlite. Just make sure to keep an eye on the sphag and mist it regularly to keep it damp, but not wet.
Tried to moss propagate with 3 different kinds of Pothos and my Marble Queen just didn't like it. Leaves all floppy and soft but the other 2 thrives. Took it out and cut off a bit then water and it revived itself completely.
Do you have any other rooted cuttings in water? If I’m having a hard time getting a cutting to root, I’ll take another cutting that’s already rooted & put it in the same water. The actively growing roots will release some rooting hormone into the water & help the struggling cutting take off.
I had a Pothos & philodendron cutting in water for 2 months that did nothing, but didn’t die. I threw a couple Tradescantia cuttings in with them & had roots within a week.
I’ve used this trick every time I have a struggling cutting & I’ve yet to have it fail.
@angi this is genius !

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