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What should I do?

I thought I avoided any plant mishaps while away this time but I found string bean looking bare. There is a tiny bit of growth along the stem, I think a baby plant growing from the bottom and the top didn’t drop its leaves. Should I leave it be? Chop it? I didn’t water yet while I decide what to do. #PincushionPeperomia #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #SucculentLove @vvvelo
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
I would cut off that piece on the photo. And then simply propagate the top.
I feel like I’ve seen people put keikei paste on lost peperomia leaves to regrow if you’re up for experimenting. Why do you think so many dropped?
I would probably do a combination. I would chop and prop the top, but put the stem in really good sunlight & give her a good drink. That stem might just pop out some new growth. And keiki paste might be worth trying, like Alina said. It might improve chances.
@KDkat3 😭 I had the same thing happen! I’d be tempted to do what @vvvelo suggested. Mine went outside for the summer to see what happens. So far he’s happy but with growth only at the top. I’m hoping something pops up from the base before fall. Fingers crossed 🀞
@Alinaa the only thing I can think from what I read is temp change/dry air which I know happened because my humidifier alerted me it went offline, then the thermostat notified me the power was out. I’m assuming it got pretty hot in the house and he was probably too dry. A bunch of the leaves that fell were shriveled up. The ones left in the picture I kept to see if I can prop them or something. I never used keiki paste but I have rooting hormone.
I also found my string of tears I was proping shriveled dry 😭
I am puzzled. I don’t see rotted roots but I also don’t love the root ball is pretty small. It does look like it’s trying to regrow from the lower spots. I wonder if I put rooting hormone on the stalk it will grow?!
Hmmmmm I’m not sure. Keikei is cytokinin and rooting is auxin so they’re different things.

The sucks the power went out 😣 definitely probably got very hot for them.
@KDkat3 I've had multiple succs that when I went to look, the root ball just looked like a dried up it never did start taking up water. I think when I purchased them, they were already dried, but the roots never woke up. I'm not sure why. I am rooting a couple that were like that in water tubes, and they do have tiny roots starting. Maybe that's something to consider too.
Oh no @KDkat3 that sucks about losing power. At least there weren't more casualties. I've used a seaweed/fish emulsion (diluted of course) to rehydrate dried out roots on succulents etc in the past and it worked really well @UltraKoreanfir And I would try a combination too of the other suggestions... Chop and prop the top and then see if you can get new growth on the rest of it. And I would try the keikei paste like @Alinaa mentioned. From what I have heard you only use a tiny bit and don't do it on all the nubs or it overloads the regrowth attempt...but I've never used it so would be interested to see if it works 🀷🏼 Good luck!!!