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Green roots...? #propogation #snakeplant #roots #greenroots I hope it's normal but thought it was weird so just wanted to share it here:)
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
Totally normal. Rooting up so well
so glad they're normal,thankyou!
normal! but if the green starts getting clumpy it could be algae
i think it is algae,there is a very tiny clump around one root though,is algae bad for them though?
@Plantbasedzoophilist i don’t think it’s that bad, but when the algae decomposes it can make the whole thing smell apparently, so i try to remove it (gently, so i don’t damage the roots) when i see it
You can also put into a solid vase so the light does not penetrate like a clear vase does.
@Gordo i thought about that but ever since i shifted it to a clear vase from the solid cup it was in,it grew faster in the clear vase
Try a color glass I guess would be a great middle ground.
@Gordo thankyou,I'll do that
How long did your snake take to start the roots? I have a cutting about a month+ old and it looks EXACTLY the same… mine is in a clear bud vase - east-facing window
mine is about 37 days old,it started rooting about..1 and a half weeks later,it's in a south facing window though
WOW those are some good roots
@Jess2022 thankyou!

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