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Tips for Sedum Adolphi “ shooting star “

I just got a sedum adolphi, named Astrid. In all honestly I didn’t do any research before getting her. I believe my first mistake was not buying a drainage pot; I’ll try to buy one soon.
Any advice helps so much, also recommendations and suggestions for soil. #beginnerplantparent #Sedum #shootingstar #Tips
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@Oatpebbles Another idea is to get a small nursery pot (with drainage) that will fit into your cute decorative pot. Then you move the plant into the nursery pot, and when you water it, you can let it drain and put back into cute pot!
beautiful color! do you have access to a drill and a diamond bit? i have seen videos of people drilling a hole in ceramic pots with said bit. have seen people use a nail and hammer too but have not tried. personally have only drilled in terracotta. anyway, cute pot for a cute plant!
I believe I do, I’ll will definitely check and try. Thank you for the advice and compliments! @ehery
@Oatpebbles @ehery I would NOT recommend using a nail and hammer to make a drainage hole in a pot unless you want to shatter it. If you saw videos of that being done it was probably one that had just been made and was still semi-soft. You can use a drill and diamond or masonry bit, but it's a good idea to keep the surface moist to prevent it from breaking.
Thank you for telling me, and I greatly appreciate it. I’ll will definitely keep that in mind. @Lifeis2short
@Lifeis2short like i said, have never done it. but have a look at this video, makes me want to try it 🙃
She came in a nursery pot but is was way too small for her, I switch her to her current pot. I’ll try to find a nursery pot that fit and breathable for her. I really appreciate the advice and thank you for the suggestion. @SunnyPlants
You’re welcome! It’s a really pretty plant! Enjoy!
Aside from getting a pot with drainage holes, your soil also needs to be well draining. I typically amend my soil with a scoop or two of perlite; I'll also use Bonsai Jack's gritty mix when I have it. Stick them somewhere in full sun to keep their colors, and they'll happily grow.
Thank you so much for the recommendation, I been trying to find out a brand I could use. I really appreciate the advice. @Charli3Plant
Well draining soil, plenty of light, and most importantly a pot with drainage. Only water when the soil is completely dry to avoid root rot or overwatering
Thank you so much, I didn’t find out about root rot in till I brought Astrid. I really appreciate @TidyTigerpear
Are you sure this is Shooting Stars? I would say that this is sedum bronze or Vera Higgins, but it does not look like shooting stars.
I’m not really sure, that’s what it’s said on the nursery pot. But compared to the others It looks a lot like sedum Adolphi “shooting stars” But thank you for your curiosity, I will try to check because you might be right about the Vera Higgins. @vvvelo
@Oatpebbles hm… interesting 🧐
@Oatpebbles if the label says Shooting Stars, then it is probably it. I guess this is an interesting hybrid probably.
These are so water sensitive I had one when I first started caring for succulents and I killed it within a month, I didn’t have a pot with drainage (was using terrarium, too much moisture and humidity along with no drainage) I would only water it when it’s very dry or wrinkly.. especially in colder months. Soft succulents tend to be much more sensitive to over watering…
Yes, please get a pot with drainage. And for soil, I would reccoment getting a potting mix that’s made specifically for succulents. (MiracleGro maybe)