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String of turtles growing very tiny leaves
Hey! My baby string of turtles is only growing very very tiny leaves. Any suggestions?

It wasn’t in great condition when it came to me and for a long while didn’t seem to have any root growth on the cutting at all.

Now it seems to be slowly growing (about 2cm on that longest trail in 3/4 months) but all the fresh growth only has very tiny almost non-existent leaves.

What can I do to help it? Should I trim these bits back to the healthier growth?

(It’s not in direct light but is on a bookshelf in a very well lit room)
New growth for SOT starts out really small. You can move the strand and lay it on top of the soil. Don’t cut it, but if you do it’s no big deal. It’ll eventually sprout roots and grow bigger leaves and as a bonus your plant will look fuller!
I feel like this is normal! Especially for new growth! Everything else looks really nice and healthy. I say give it time and make sure it has light and it’ll be fine in a bit
New growth:)))))
@nowforkat I wouldn’t cut it at all. Let it grow. It’s beautiful. Those are mine. String of hearts and turtles. My string of turtles bloomed.
Hmm I see what you mean because my new growths on my SOT don’t stay small for long… i do fertilize every third watering with diluted liquid fertilizer and keep it on a high shelf near a window where it gets bright light all day but no direct light. Meanwhile, i think cutting the ends and replanting back in the pot as others have suggested sounds like a great idea. Good luck!!
Not a great photo but this is where i place my SOT and it’s doing good. The shades on my windows prevent direct afternoon sunlight but still gets ample morning light. Again, good luck!

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