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I'm not sure what this means. At first, I have two, they...

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I know certain philodendrons will weep when they’ve been overwatered, it’s the very first sign before other things start happening. Most plants will forgive you if you are late watering them, but in my own experience, if you overwater it’s WAY worse and the outcome is more time consuming.

I’m figuring it out too, it takes practice for me, as I learn to be less heavy handed with watering.

It was super frustrating, yet amazing, and also humbling to discover… that water is typically the cause and the cure! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Good luck!πŸ€
My opinion is that is is from watering to frequently or roots sitting in water too long, because this happened to one of my alocasias, but then it stopped when I got the watering right. But there may be other things that could cause this. Some alocasias are so sensitive. I am still trying to figure them out. Your plant info says that it has no drainage, but the pot looks like a plastic nursery pot, they usually do have drainage. Drain holes in the pot are good. Alocasia doesn’t like to sit in water.
@EZLennyLance I like your comment because I think that the same is true regarding watering too frequently or not watering frequently enough. I think it’s better to forget to water for a couple days, Then it is to water a couple days early, just in my experience that has been true. Also, I noticed that quite a few local garden centers and plant shops seem to let their plants get rather dry before watering. That might just be so that they don’t make a mess when people are carting them home but also probably because it works out better for Plant health overall.