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Cats and plants
Not really a plant question, but if anyone else has a cat how did you stop them from tearing up your plants?

Cats have a strong distaste for anything citrus. Using either juice of a lemon, lime, or orange diluted with some water can be sprayed on the leaves of your plant to ward off any feline invasion.

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I used to wait once my cat do what I don’t like and tapping on his hands and showing him my face saying NO NO ..
I kept doing this for time and he scare to do it anymore he knew i won’t be happy
Taking some times but I believe cats can understand they just need to learn πŸ’šπŸˆ
I keep all my plants in a room my cat has no access to, trying to ward him off by scaring him would only damage how he views me. Doing this also ensures that when I'm not around I know for sure that he can't get at my plants.

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