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Pothos Species Suitability
Hey, all you #PothosWater fans! I am looking to join the movement, and have been hunting down a suitable pothos. I found the beauty pictured (not my plant… yet 😉), but it’s a Scindapsus pothos, not an Epipremnum. Would it still behave like its cousin, or would I be better off with something else? Thanks in advance!
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You can check out our #ScientistApproved analysis here to see how #PothosWater works! Scindapsus pothos, since they’re an entirely different genus of plants, won’t be as effective but will still help a bit if paired with a plant that grows more slowly than they do!
That is a great question!! I would assume yes...but @kscape what do you think?
Love those leaves BTW!!! Why is this plant not yours again?? 😍🤩
@Kiersten That’s exactly what I needed! Thank you!
@PlantEsteem Unfortunately, my budget is holding me back. But I get paid next week, so after that, all bets are off 😂
@ESylvanus just sayin……. #plantjokes
@Jilliebeanstalk 😂😂🤣
@ESylvanus Golden Pothos are the one’s that have shown more rooting hormones than other Pothos, so far! This is what I would suggest if you’d like to start your own #PothosWater experiment 😊
@kscape Awesome! That’s what I’ll look for, then. Thank you!
@ESylvanus #PothosWater really does work. I’m doing that now.
I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but 😳 OMG!!!! WHAT A GORGEOUS PLANT!!!! ACQUIRE IT ANY WAY YOU CAN WITHOUT HESITATION!!!! Magical water or NOT!!!! (Then send it to me……no….you can keep it.)

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