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New to phalaenopsis. Needed to repot. Can anyone tell me if this is too deep or just right? Really don’t want to kill it. It’s been thriving and has a new leave growing.
1ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
I'm no expert, but that looks good to me! (: οΏΌ
@SpicyMatteuccia that looks good to me as well. Just always make sure that you never cover the roots all the way. @RJG @MotherOfOrchids what do you think?
It looks good. My one piece of advice/question is, is there an orchid pot in there ? The pots help orchids air out even if they're in another pot!

Orchids naturally live up in trees and grab on with their roots so they like to have the ability to breath a little!
@RJG there was a funky black like β€œcage” in the center of the orchid. Sorry first orchid, know nothing so shocked I have it growing
I put all my orchids in a pot like this and then put that liner pot insider their "pretty pot" as my wife calls them. it allows the orchids to breath a little better while being potted up. Not at all necessary but it's helpful! they make them to fit almost any pot size! They're are also ceramic pots that are made for orchids if you like only one pot. A picture of some of those is also attached.
@RJG no unfortunately there is not. It’s just the pot and the orchid bark. Am I going to kill it?
@SpicyMatteuccia Nope! It just something they like!
@RJG ok, great! Thank you for your wise advice. Sure appreciate it!
It looks good to me too! The only thing I would say is to think about how keeping the plant in a terracotta pot will affect the watering schedule. Terracotta tends to hold on to moisture and orchid roots like to have a wet/dry cycle, so you may not need to water the plant as regularly as you would in a plastic pot. Orchid roots tend to prefer to be on the dryer side because they are epiphytes (they grow on trees in their natural environment).
@MotherOfOrchids ok sounds good. I didn’t water it yesterday as I had to cut a few dead roots and you tube videos said not too? Plus it was super wet as the old bark was really broken down
@SpicyMatteuccia the roots might actually like a bit more moisture than usual until they get used to the new bark - when old bark breaks down it holds on to moisture more, and has less aeration, so your roots most probably have grown used to being on the damper side (broken down bark can cause a lot of problems but it looks like you got there in time - your orchid looks happy and healthy!). I think the terracotta should help recreate those damper conditions, especially while the plant is adapting to the new media and pot 😊

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