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Sunflower seeds.

Hello! Today, I was gifted a sunflower seed grow kit. Now, I know sunflowers get very large, and the pack came with about 10 seeds. As of now, The seeds are all in the pot. Should I only leave one seed in, or take the rest out when I notice one growing. Hope this makes sense!!
4” pot without drainage
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Depending on the type of sunflower, you'll probably end up transplanting them outside if you can. We grew some last year and they grew SO FAST! Within two or three weeks we planting them outside. They got to be about six feet tall!

They sure are fun to watch grow. You can give it a try inside as well. Be sure to tag your posts like #SunflowerJourney or something so you can follow their growth. 😁
i think once they get bigger it’s best to put them in a pretty deep pot or preferably the ground, sunflowers have looonggg tap roots!!
@sarahsalith Thank you!!
@strawberrymoon thank you!!
These were grow kits over 2 months ago! I made the mistake of putting them all together bc Iβ€˜be never had plants.. but they’re thriving!