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Brown offshoots?
I'm looking to repot my ricrac cactus and noticed it's growing little brown offshoots. Is that normal? I've only seen it grow green offshoots. I'm wondering if it's because it's getting full sun now. I wanted to finally join the 2 that I have into 1 pot.. but now I'm second guessing if I should leave well enough alone since they are thriving and growing so nicely. #succulentlove #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
The new shoots may be sunburned from the direct sunlight.
I have no idea whether this is a bad thing but mine always grows red shoots! And its in perfect health so far. Usually they get green along the way! 🌞
From what I have read, the Fishbone cactus goes best in bright indirect light. The red new growth is an indication of too much light. 😊. Your pretty plant looks healthy otherwise.
@Pegster hmm.. maybe.. I've burned alot of plants so far 😬 these don't .. look.. burned...none of the plant does..I'm going to keep an eye on them. I tried easing it into the sun this time.. an hour here.. couple hours.. and increasing and it did well. In fact I'm pretty sure these sprouted since moving it to more direct light. Blah.. so confusing.
@ElvishForester maybe ours are just special lol. It doesn't seem in distress.. just.. different.. eh.. sometimes I wish plants could talk 😩
My shoots are red at the tips too but still plump and healthy! They don’t get any direct sun. I just thought that’s how they grew!
They're just older and more dry it out. 😁 It's a circle of life kind of thing!
Ok! I won't worry then!
Maybe I'll venture to repot the 2 littles I have into a slightly bigger pot..repotting stresses me OUT! But i need to condense... it's getting... jungle-y round these parts

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