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Is this mint rust?
When I first saw this, I thought it was fungal infection so I used hydrogen peroxide spray, didn’t work — and I found some webbing and tiny spider looking bugs, so I thought they were spider mites since they are common pest in plants, used rubbing alcohol spray for a while. Nothing changed. Turned out they’re actually baby spiders! (we have spiders inside and out on our balcony.. I’ve made friends with them, they eat all the fungus gnats, other pests..) Is this just mint rust? And can it build up without much yellowing? It’s only partial.. but it won’t go away and keeps coming back :/ White spots started appearing too on top of the leaves.. What should I do 😥 #pulip
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@evergreen_pulip I’m sorry you feel that way :( I’ve definitely been there numerous times in the three years since I’ve started herb gardening. You’ll get the hang of it!

It may be a good idea to quarantine any plants you think are having pest/fungal/bacterial issues so they don’t spread to the others if you haven’t already.
They are tiny!
The white spots look like typical spider mite damage to me. Are there any little black or red dots on the underside of the leaves? Mites are very hard to see with the naked eye. They almost look just like dirt. I’m not sure about the rust but it’s very possible that that’s what the brown spots are.
@radherbalflower I tried but I really didn’t see anything but those tiny spiders and a thin, loose webbing around my plant stand :( can spider mites live with spiders?
More pictures.
@radherbalflower Just saw this on my Thyme as well, they are not close to each other. Can spraying alcohol do this..?
@evergreen_pulip when I had them on one of my plants I could only see them with a jewelers loupe, they are so so tiny!

I do think it’s possible they could coexist on one plant since spiders don’t eat spider mites.

I don’t think alcohol would do that unless it wasn’t diluted enough
@radherbalflower omg really. I thought spiders would eat everything 😭 just found this.. “Yes, most spiders don’t mind eating spider mites, in fact given a chance they will eat it without a doubt. Spiders are usually generalists in nature when it comes to hunting and their diet, which means they will eat anything that comes in their way without a bias, this is the reason that they are also considered quite good for pest control, as they will mostly end up eating all of those little pests that might be lying around.”, “The only problem with a spider mite is that they are too small for a spider and don’t nearly fulfill the dietery requirements of a spider.” I’ve been so stressed about this and looked up so many youtube videos. Frustrating.
Just took a closer look at this photo and I circled a few spots that look like they may be whiteflies? Whiteflies can cause similar damage as spider mites. It’s hard to tell from the pic though haha

& yes, I’ve read it mostly has to do with how small spider mites are. They just aren’t that enticing for the bigger spiders :(
@radherbalflower I just took a closer look, white spots look like dust can’t tell… then spotted this super tiny green bug!! What is this? And thank you 🙏
@evergreen_pulip looks to me like possibly a green aphid
@radherbalflower Oh no,, this is new. I’m a newbie and this is too much lol can they cause the black spots? We live on a riverfront and get all sorts of bugs on our balcony… don’t know how much control I have over pests
@evergreen_pulip Haha it can be overwhelming at first for sure! I’m not sure if they can cause them, but they could definitely weaken the plant and that could allow fungus/bacteria to take hold.
@radherbalflower I’ll be doing more research… but can I keep using rubbing alcohol (50%), water ratio 1:1 to get rid of them? (Add dish soup?) I don’t want to harm spiders 😭
@evergreen_pulip I don’t think a diluted mixture of alcohol and water would be enough to hurt the spiders, but I can’t say for certain :( I tried to look it up on google and it was a mixed bag
@radherbalflower Yeah right? There’s so much mixed information I feel overwhelmed. I was hoping to use my herbs for cooking, not sure if it’s safe now. Sadness
@radherbalflower I’ll do that. Won’t give up. Thanks Alaina 🥰
hi! i just came from your other post. do you have ladybugs in your area? if not you should think about getting some! make sure they are native to your area. they eat pretty much anything and apparently they eat a lot! whatever pest you have hanging out with you they will definitely take care of it and then you don’t have to worry about pesticides and can still eat your food.
@annapop hi!! Yes I have read about 🐞 they’re friends! But I’m afraid they’ll fly away to my neighbor or spiders will eat them… 😭 or do ladybugs eat spiders.. google says both lol
also that little green bug is definitely an aphid, and if you have 1 you probably have more because those things can spread like crazy! people call them plant lice… gross. definitely look into the ladybugs and how to properly release them into your garden!
@evergreen_pulip i’ve read that they will only leave when there’s nothing else to eat, and if they do go to your neighbors then they could still come back to you! maybe try and get rid of the big spiders beforehand and them release the ladybugs, i know with other beneficial bugs you have to get rid of any webbing the spiders have made. i will try and do some research too! pests can be so annoying😒
@annapop eeewww I’m doomed ☠️ Today I quarantined my mint and sprayed the hell out of it with alcohol. If they survive this…
@annapop they’re just baby spiders so far, webbing is tiny too lol, we have house spiders inside. If alcohol doesn’t get rid of them i am bringing in ladybugs for a fest!
i’ll take some pics of my plants with spider mites and the damage they cause so you know what to look out for! the pictures on google don’t really help much.
@annapop you’re so kind. Appreciate it 🙏

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