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Why are these leaves shredding? And anyone know what this yellow mold stuff might be?
I repotted this plant and took out all the yellow β€œmold” (not sure what this is) and added new soil about a 2 months ago.. not the yellow stuff is back.. the leaves are splitting and unsure if I should take them off or if my plant needs something.
Also- unsure if anyone knows how to propagate this plant but also wondering this.
Thanks in advance!!
4ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
This is one of those cool Asian spider plants!! I have to find the actual name for you. I think you can propagate it by stem cuttings- but let me check.

I think the mold and the splitting is due to the soil being too wet too long. How's the drainage on that pot? Perhaps you'll need some perlite in the soil to make it more airy.
A Mandarin Spider Plant - Chlorophytum amaniense
@sarahsalith the pot has decent drainage and I put perlite in it when I repotted it about 2 months ago. It could be a little too moist though and maybe needs more perlite?
@AffableAgarito is add more perlite. From someone who used to overwater, I think it's quite helpful to get the soil to drain faster.
@sarahsalith thanks! I’ll reply and add more perlite this weekend!
@sarahsalith I’m hoping to propagate it but I have never had it flower.. we will see! Thanks again for all the info
@AffableAgarito I'm wishing you all the best!
@AffableAgarito cut any damaged leaves back. Check to make sure it's not in too big of a pot. I had to basically chop all my leaves off, but I'm finally getting new growth

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