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Orchid Combo Planter

I saw this really cool orchid/bromeliad combination and wanted to make my own! I think it turned out pretty nice. My question is, how do you cater to the different watering needs and schedules of the two plants? I’m assuming these two go well together, since they were sold as a combination? I did a little DIY combo soil. The bottom of the planter has drainage and has about 1” of styrofoam chunks to facilitate drainage. Then I layered an orchid-specific potting mix on top of that mixed with a little bit of miracle grow potting soil. The orchid side has more of the orchid mix/less soil mixed in, and the bromeliad side has more of the soil. Does this sound ok? I’m super new to the gardening game (and the app!) The app didn’t recognize my combination planter, so it has the orchid and bromeliad on separate watering schedules. Thoughts?
5ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
That’s really pretty. For now, the app doesn’t really recognize more than one plant in a pot. You would just pick one to ignore, pretty much.

I would be careful with the orchid roots, you don’t want them to get too wet for too long. And the bromeliad can be watered nearly directly in the middle of the plant. That way, the water stays more with the bromeliad and won’t keep the orchid too wet.

Another thing I’ve done is put a plant in a pot and I dug a hole and placed a nursery pot in the same pot and it looked like the were in one pot. The smaller plant in the nursery pot needed wetter soil than the other plant and it worked out well. (:

I’m glad you shared your plants on Greg, Grace!
@sarahsalith Great advice!! Thanks so much!
Remember the app is not human but you need to pretty much decide for yourself. I don’t use their watering schedule cause it never works out right but I like to community thing and I do get questions answered. οΏΌ