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Roots out of the stems?!?
Anyone know why the plants would be growing roots out of the stems? I suppose the jellybean may want to be deeper? But the Panda they are so high up!! Also are they safe to trim off? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentSquad #WhatTheSuccWednesday #SucculentLove #JellyBeans #PandaPlant
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These are just succulent aerial roots. They generally signal the plant would like a little more water so it's reaching out for new sources.
@RJG thanks for the info. I’m following the Greg watering guide but then the succulent soil my wife bought pretty much doesn’t hold much water in it at all. Also, are they ok to trim off or will they die off when the needs are met?
Tbh I leave them but I think it's totally up to you.
Remember if you water a bit more frequently then Greg recommends, hitting the water button early will help Greg learn after a couple early waters!
@PrizedNoognug I agree with @RJG
Yeah, you can trim those roots. I do it for my succulents. Also those roots will dry off soon, so you can also just ignore them. I usually torn them with my tweezers. It doesn’t harm the plant.

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