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This darn leaf (lack of a better term to mind)
#AloeVera What is goin in with this sucker? I thought maybe it was sick right when it first started and cut the sick part off but it has since withered down to this stub. Is there any idea why this happened?
Eh, once you cut an aloe's leaf, it never really looks good. You can chop it all the way down near the stem (so it's more out of the way) or you can leaf it alone. My aloe has a few less-than-beautiful leaves. (:
@sarahsalith Thank you!! Can I ask you one more thing also? I bought this Aloe about a year ago and it hasn’t changed from growing like… side to side? rather than spread out? I’ll attach a photo so I can show you what I mean!
All your aloe's new growth will come from the center.  Over time it will slowly start to spread out. I have realized that the drier I allow the soil to get, the stronger my aloe seems to be.

I keep mine in a west window so it looks a bit rough on the tips, but other than rough looks, I think it's a satisfied plant. I've had mine for about three years.
@sarahsalith My girlfriend’s mother has an aloe spread out like yours! She puts it outside during the summer and its probably waist height now on my gf who is 5’4! Is that something you would recommend?
@Blananaba you can TOTALLY acclimate your aloe to brighter light. You'll need to take it slow and be ready to deal with some sunburn. There are some aloe species that can get absolutely huge! 

Just make sure you don't just pop it in direct light because it will get pretty crispy pretty fast. Mine still gets mostly indirect light with only a few hours of direct light. The smaller aloe cannot handle the sun like the bigger ones can.
@sarahsalith I’ll keep it in mind to slowly acclimate it as summer soon approaches!

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