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Spider mites! πŸ˜–
My beautiful English ivy was infected by spider mites, I took care of them with neem oil but not before they'd taken most of my poor plant. Is it worth saving? There's just that one healthy looking shoot left. Should I trim the dead ones off and just hope for the best? #spidermites #englishivy
I would do just that! Ivy leaves are so sensitive and drop easy with stress....but as long as you have some stem with a node there is hope....but it is a long process. I killed ALL these leaves with cold....jammed em in another arrangement around march....look at those leaves. Patience is key. Good luck!!!
That gives me hope, thank you!
Yes, I would prune all the dead leaves and stems to ensure that they aren’t taking energy from your healthy parts. Also, now that there will be less roots working in the pot, be careful not to overwater the plant as the pot may now be a little big for ivy’s tiny roots! Good luck πŸ€—
Thanks for the post. I’m having a similar issue
Ugh, sorry to hear that! Ive now found that the sooner you get on a treatment regimen the more stems you're likely to save. Actually, coming back to this post, I have another related question! In this situation, the mites are now dead and gone (hopefully!) but is the soil still any good? It definitely isn't pretty at the top. Not sure if I should reboot the remaining stem in new fresh soil or if I should just maybe scoop some out from the top? Any advice @PlantEsteem @NewGrowth?
@UnbiasedTree if you want to save the soil you can actually sterilize it using several methods! Here’s a link detailing many different ways: #12-how-to-sterilize-soil-in-an-oven" target="_blank"> #12-how-to-sterilize-soil-in-an-oven
Yes, I would
Thanks, @NewGrowth! Yeah I see that even this single stem that's left is now starting to see browning leaves πŸ˜– and I can't tell if it's still mites (i can't see any anymore) or if it's something else! I moved the plant to the bathroom where it gets humidity, im not sure if that has anything to do with it. I'll have to post an updated picture when I get home!
If you want to save the one healthy strand before it dies completely you could chop it off, and propagate the end in water until it has new roots.
I might do that to be honest! Should I use a root hormone or is it best to just stick it in a jar of water?
This is from the vine I killed 2 months ago..there is hope

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