Posted 1d ago by @Steff

Air Conditioner & Heaters
New to this space and just going through cataloguing my plants and I have a question.
One of the questions is, is your plant near air conditioning. My plants are in a large open plan living space and it is heated up by both an air conditioner and a gas heater.
The AC is approx 10 metres away from the nearest plant with the gas heater about 5.5metres. Is this deemed “near” or not? #TIA
I'd say no to both, unless the heat or cold air hit the plant directly.
@Steff I would say definitely NO not deemed near 5.5 meters is about 18 some odd feet, and 10 Meters 32 some odd feet. You would have to determine if they are sitting in the direct airflow! Btw, welcome to Greg you’ve joined a wonderful community.

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