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So I have these strawberry plants that i@ going to put in dirt. I was wondering if I could put them outside… #HappyPlants
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Too cold for strawberries. Maybe they should be inside.
Strawberry plants grow outside. Just depends on the growing season in your area. 😊
Can you link the set up you have?
@Pegster let’s just say in a little while it will be winter and snow will fly☹️
@Pegster I was thinking that also.. I don’t want to kill them because I’m growing them so my grandson can go out and pick them when he wants…😍🥰. Psst my grandson isn’t even born yet… I have to wait 3 more months to met him😅🤣
I know you are counting the days to his arrival. 🥰❤️
@Pegster I am… 🥰
You usually move strawberry plants outside in the spring and summer. They don’t do well in the cold. So depending on where you live 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’m Virginia I like to plant strawberries outside in April. They wake up from winter dormancy and do great.
@user2616 thanks I will remember to plant when we have the last frost 😀

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