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Still learning about succulents—is my opalina producing o...

If so, how can I separate them/when should I? They are in the middle of each side of the plant, so would I have to sacrifice the leaves underneath them? Any advice is appreciated, I’m still such a novice with these! PS: don’t mind the cinnamon on the plant, there was an accidental puncture of a leaf the other day so I sprinkled some to keep any baddie infections away. #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #PropagationStation
4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Don't quote me on this.... but they might be flower stalks. It's crazy how little info is out there for this plant!

(I need to go check mine now! )
@HeyLillie Oh, interesting! And yes, I tried to Google before asking and couldn’t find anything!
Yes that is very likely a bloom... just watch it slowly grow and enjoy the show
@Dustmite Oh boy, thank you 😊 my only concern is that this one was bought with the Perle von Nurnberg that died and this one has been losing a leaf each week so I’m a bit worried this one also has an infection. I just pulled it out of the pot as you advised last time to check the stem, it and the roots look good so I’m leaving it out and out of direct light to see what happens. I do hope this won’t be a repeat! 🙏🏻 But if so I think there are enough healthy leaves that I could prop it. I hope I’ll get to see it flower, though! Should I do anything additional in the meantime?
Has this been growing since you removed it? If so then it's probably fine. If it were sick, then it probably wouldn't be using resources to flower. I would pot it up and gradually introduce it back to light. If it's not losing leaves rapidly then it's probably fine
@Dustmite I only pulled it out today because the leaf loss seems to be happening closer together now. Started as one every 8-10 days, then one a week for a few weeks, and in the last 7 days I’ve lost 2 leaves so I’ve been getting increasingly concerned. But it does make sense what you said about using resources to flower. I’m so confused! Lol
I have one of these and it’s just new leaves
It looks like a new baby. Congratulations! 🤩
looks like an offset, i personally wouldn’t remove them since they’re still small and very closely packed to the parent plant (there’s a risk of knocking some leaves off or damaging the stem on the big one). maybe let them grow a little bigger so they’re easier to remove :)
flowermoon">@flowermoon thanks! I will definitely wait!
It looks like a baby, but it could be a bloom. You may need a little more time to determine. If it’s an offset I would wait till it’s bigger and showing aerial roots, or a longer stem to remove it if you wanna make another plant out of it. Or you could leave it on there and let it grow that way. Whichever you prefer !
@TidyTigerpear Thank you! I’m definitely going to wait it out. This plant was not doing well when I got it and I’ve been attempting to bring it to a healthy state ever since. It’s been losing leaves about once a week (mushy even though I am careful not to overwater—I’ve only watered this one once since I got it bc the soil was bone dry). So that is concerning and I did remove two healthy leaves just in case so I can prop another one!