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Vacation Tips?
Hi friends! I’m leaving Friday on vacation and won’t be home until the following Sunday. I don’t have anyone to come water for me. Many of my plants will be fine for a week plus, but some of my newer guys need water every 3/4 days.

Any tips or tricks you all use with your plants when away? Should I put the thirsty ones in a bowl of water to soak it up as they need, or is it safer to just give a good douse before I go and hope for the best?? Thanks so much!

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I’m not an expert but I would douse well before you go…3 days should be fine.
I would water right before you leave- I would not leave them in a bowl of water for a week.

There have been a few folks going on vacation who have made posts lately. I wish I would have thought to suggest the use a #vacation hashtag.
@SubTrop was preparing his plants. I think it was @Hypsie who found a hood image online of how you could set up your plants before leaving the house for a week, too.
i've had great luck with the Blumat plant watering stakes! I ordered them from amazon and you keep one end in a bowl of water, the other end in the soil and the plant soaks up what it needs. the stakes keep the plant from sitting in water too long risking rot/overwatering!
I poked holes in the caps of pet bottles with a hot nail. Also purchased these watering bulbs online.
I love @SubTrop ‘s idea. Sorry I can’t find that photo. Someone had a big pot of water with cord going into each plant -wick watering.
Montana-bound. How ‘bout you?
You all are seriously the best, thanks so much!
@sarahsalith I was racking my brain for every possible hashtag lol, seemed like a good one to get some convo going, let use it in the future! Thanks for the connections. @KillingCowboys I think I’m going to try those! Gotta love that quick Amazon delivery. @SubTrop WOW love that ingenuity! Nice work 😍 I’m heading to a lake in Maine on an RV trip…I even thought worst case I could just bring the neediest plants along 🤣🤣
Nice thinking! Always good to have more company! Enjoy the cool weather- I will!
@SubTrop I was just talking your oasis and you have some really cool plants! No wonder you need all those watering bulbs 😳Have a great trip!

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