Posted 2w ago by @HeartyAgave

I am new to this, I have my plant in direct sunlight as it was recommended and water as recommended. But it’s kind of turning brown and crispy. Any ideas or thoughts? #NewPlantMom
How long does it receive direct sunlight? Is it outdoors?
@angelw1975 all day sunlight. And indoors. Close to window. Which is what Greg recommended. 😬
I’ve had this same plant for about two months, I have it indoors and use a plant light, I can say she likes water🤪.. Also I’ve recently purchased a moist meter because I was overwatering all my plants😳😢…
@KeyLychee can’t make a recommendation for a good plant light for her? I’ll purchase one if it helps
This is the one I’m using from Amazon, they have several options though.. I hope this helps🤗!

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