Posted 1Y ago by @AestheticPhlox

This palm is doing ok but recently has had many fronds dry out. Her latest frond is green but has white fuzzies on it - and won’t open fully - should I worry?

1ft to light, indirect
13” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I have same problem. My plam grown out 3 flowers(theh are infected too)and have less white fuzzies then she used yo have. I didn't do anything, but I need to do something about it though.
@kaleena @RJG can yall help us out? I saw something with rubbing alcohol, but I'm not sure if I can find it here.
if you could upload a picture of the issues that would be helpful!!
Yes please! Could you upload a pic of the white fuzzies and what won’t fully open? I’m not familiar with Parlour Palms but I might be able to find something for ya if I have a better photo. :)
Thanks for tagging us in, @LittleCrow
Is this helpful? I have previously had scales with another palm. This looks different. Again it looks fluffy almost like lint!
they might be mealy bugs? i would wipe the off with rubbing alcohol.
I had a similar issue with my daughter's palm. It sounds like yours might have mealybugs. I would take a good look. What I did with my daughter's plant is I took it outside (in the summer), sprayed it down, and cut off all the fronds- all of them but one that I could save. I changed the soil and let it dry out. Then, I took insecticidal soap and gave it another go-over to make sure I got all the bugs; when I came across a bug, I swiped it with a q-tip and rubbing alcoholοΏΌ. It looked REALLY rough for a while, but it has started growing again and I keep an eye out for pests. Make sure you check your other plants, too. It's not perfect, but it's growing! οΏΌ
How would mealy bugs happen?
@kaleena @RJG I unfortunately can't trim all that's infected, it would be whole plant. I am not sure how to translate rubbing alcohol to my language so i can't find it here. When we got this palm from a couple of months, she had mealy bugs? I wiped it with dish soap and it returned, after all she grown one more healthy looking leaf and 3 flowers.
@kaleena @RJG @sarahsalith is there something that is as helpful as rubbing alcohol? Thanks for helping though. 😁
@LittleCrow Dealmed Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% USP, First Aid Antiseptic, 16 fl. oz, (1 Pack)
@RJG Amazon doesn't ship things here, otherwise I would order it.
You might try misting or bottom & top watering. I do that with mine.
@LittleCrow oh i was just hoping to give you a better translation.
@LittleCrow you usually buy this alcohol in a drug store. Didn’t see the comment about fuzzies at first.
You can β€œwash” the plant with water & insecticide soap before getting alcohol but the idea is to remove the bugs ASAP. 🀞🏽
Have also read that neem oil works. Thoughts on this? And how frequently is treatment required?
@RJG oh, sorry. πŸ˜…
Thank you. πŸ˜†
@LittleCrow No worries! hope you can find a solution. Spinosad pesticides help too!
@RJG I saw someone talking about vinegar and something else but can't find it. Anyway I'm going to brush it out, with what ever helpful I can find.
What about hydrogen peroxide? Generally the drug stores have 3% which won’t harm plants - if stronger dilute with water. Use that on a QTip or put in a spray bottle. I am so lucky I’ve never had mealy bugs. I think they can just travel in via a bag of soil, from being outside, etc. I would also isolate this plant from others so they don’t jump onto another plant.
Another word for rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, if that helps!
Also - I should clarify as I don’t think mealy bugs actually β€œjump” - I just wouldn’t want them to spread via any method. Haha.
either use 70% alcohol, or you can rub them with mixture of dish soap n water several times until its not coming back... or, use pesticide? dont forget to give it ample sunlight :) palm loves sunlight....
@AestheticPhlox they can get infected from other plants or from the store you bought them from.