Posted 7M ago by @marianne2sg

Why does she look like this?
4” pot
Last watered 7 months ago
They love direct light, do you have a space for her to get sunshine?
Actually I did put them (I have 2 of the same, they both look like this) into direct sun light. And maybe they’re recovering from their travels, they just arrived 2 days ago
Definitely jetlagged.
I took mine, which hasn’t flowered in over two years, from the sunniest window to the dark dining room to repot it. I left it overnight and it had the nerve to start blooming!! So here she sits…I read they like to be in compact clumps…
Did you get water on the leaves? I read that they throw tantrums when they get wet, I had to put rocks under all the leaves of mine to keep it from touching wet soil.
I would also make sure it isn’t overwatered. Mushy leaves are usually a sign of root rot or overwatering. Is the soil really wet? I always let the top like inch or more get dry before re-watering. Make sure the mix you’re using is also very porous and high in perlite. I’ve moved mine around, changed the lighting and they don’t do this. Remove all dead leaves so it can save energy as well. If the roots are rotted, cut the stem and leave just the top part in dirt, put it in a plastic bag and leave it alone for a month. It will re-root.
@grimmauxillatrix , actually I did get the leaves a little wet, I read that’s not good…I won’t do that again!
@PaytonViolet Thank you for your great advice!!
There’s nothing wrong with getting the leaves wet. That is a common myth. If this guy is new and feeling a bit of shock from the change in environment, put a clear plastic bag over it for a few days. They extra humidity will help your roots adjust and the leaves will perk up in no time.

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