Posted 1w ago by @IngeniousKanna

New plant... Just recieved it a couple of hours ago.
It was in shipping for at least 10 days and it looks like this... I don't think Its in too bad of shape but I hope it doesn't downhill. I bottom watered it just a little cause it wasnt moist enough but it wasnt dry. Got it to move a little. Any suggestions #RoseCalathea #pleasehelp #gregfeedback
loves humidity and bright indirect light!
also be patient with it i’ve had plants traumatized for months after being mailed. leave it in its original pot for at least two weeks before repotting
Ooo. Dottie is finicky. Put her on a pebble tray where she can get strong filtered light. She looks pretty good though. It will take up to 2 weeks for to adjust to your microclimate πŸͺ΄β£οΈ

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