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Advice needed! (Long post)
Hello friends!! A month ago I splurged on a philo white knight and upon arrival he had a few yellowing leaves which I was fine with bc I know shipping isn’t always a plant’s best friend. By day 4 I was noticing more yellowing but didn’t think much of it bc obviously he’d still be acclimating. I avoided watering right away so I gave him a few days to settle in before I gave him a drink since his soil was still moist upon arrival too. By week 2/3 he was continuing to look rough and the yellowing was spreading and he was dropping leaves now, by this point I think I put feelers out here to question why this may have been and the consensus seemed to be overwatering. I let him dry out and decided yesterday that it was time to inspect his roots to see if I had done damage. I ended up discovering that he was wrapped in a tiny mesh plug🥺 I carefully cut as much of it off as I could but I’m curious to get everyone’s opinions on if this may have been the big source of his issues and if so should I reach out to the supplier bc I’m down to one leaf and it’s looking rough as of today and I’m truthfully not very optimistic🥺 I’ve ordered a good chunk of my collection from them and never had an issue but this one definitely has me a little sad if this is the case. I really appreciate everyone’s insight or even advice for attempting to rehab my sad little knight💕 #Philodendron #PhilodendronWhiteKnight #RarePlants #PhiloFlock #GregGang
5ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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If you have released him from the mesh-prison, repot in fresh new soil, give it a drink of water and let it settle over the next couple of days.

It seems like it wasn’t receiving enough water (due to not watering for a bit and also, roots being cramped) hence why it started dropping leaves.

Make sure to also place it in a bright shaded area to encourage higher variegation. If this is not possible, you can place it under a grow light :)
Here’s photos of the plug situation also🥺 (this was after I had cut and loosened it slightly)
@miirandamaloney I also agree with @kscape 💯, she’s another great one to ask questions to and gives great advice.
Oh no!! The plug doesn’t affect anything cause if it did, the plant wouldn’t grow at all!! It may need a smaller pot or to be propped in water to help the roots out. Also the leaves look like they have mite damage??
I’m with @jcPlantProper I would drop him in water with a couple of pothos cuttings and do a “restart”
It’s so depressing to order and wait for a plant mail just to find it’s doing poorly. ☹️ Good luck!
Hi Miranda! Hope you got an answer that was helpful!

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