Posted 1M ago by @VitalMorombe

He is hanging on for dear life

This plant very consistently has 2 leaves. Every time a 3rd leaf starts to grow, another leaf starts to die. I can't figure out how to make him thrive, not just survive.

(The panda is his emotional support animal.)
1ft to light, direct
5โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hey @VitalMorombe , these plants can be fussy at times. Losing a leaf when the new one starts to grow is normal and will fix itself when the plant is a little more mature. You can also prevent it from happening to some extent by giving the plant regular feed.

Another thing I noticed, from your plant card is the proximity to light. These plants thrive in indirect bright light and direct light can cause sunburn.

Hope this helps, happy growing.
Mine does the same thing!