Posted 2w ago by @ShinyCoralbell

It is turning yellow, what do I do ?

Last watered 3 weeks ago
Try southern exposure? I always have the best luck with succulents in east or south facing areas. Is this plant new to you?
soilLove">@SunsoilLove yes it is I’m not used to taking care of these
Yellow means - overwatering! Also, this is not Pearl Echeveria. What the tag says?
@vvvelo I tried to search it up but it did come up
@ShinyCoralbell my next suggestion already made by @vvvelo is reduce water. Ignore her that’s what succulents are for πŸ˜†
@ShinyCoralbell what is the name on the tag?
@ShinyCoralbell I can create it for you. I know a trick πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ