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Round damaged spots on Alocasia

There are damaged circles on my Alocasia leaves. I cannot find a diagnosis. Does anyone know if this is a disease, pest or watering issue? Any tips would be helpful! #AlocasiaAddicts #Alocasia #diagnose #HappyPlants
3ft to light, direct
9” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
A few of mine have done this too! Not alocasia, but ZZ and money tree. I think lack of humidity can cause this, but with the yellowing around the spots I’m wondering if it’s fungal? Do you mist your leaves by chance?
@SilkenGrasspea Really! I was confused by the circles around the spots too. They are nearly gold/copper in colour. I do not mist the leaves. Would you advise that or not in this case? I just give the plant water from time to time. My pot does not have drainage though.
I don’t mist because it can increase chances for disease, but there is a lot of conflicting information out there about this so I think it’s up to what works best for you! If you end up repotting to something with drainage (I definitely recommend!) it could be a great chance to check out the roots to see how they’re doing. You could consider spraying a fungicide. I haven’t personally treated an alocasia though so a test patch on one of the leaves could show you how it reacts. Not sure how sensitive these guys are!
@SilkenGrasspea thank you for the information! I will try and see if they react to fungicide
Of course! Hopefully someone more familiar with #Alocasia can give some advice on here!
In my own experiences, I’ve learned that Alocasia plants love high humidity levels. I keep mine by a cool mist humidifier 24/7 and they are doing great!
@YammieOf3 Hi! So you think this issues stems from too low levels of humidity? Thanks for the reaction!
@BriskLancewood what type of water do you use? Have you been using fertilizer when watering? These spots could be one of many different factors. I only use bottled water on my indoor Alos. So I’m not sure what hard tap water issues may look like. However, I have over fertilized my Alo Cuprea. She now has fertilizer burns that were a golden color but turned brown. Also, have you thoroughly checked the backs for pests. You really need to get up close with your phone light on. They will look like dust specks moving. If you have thoroughly checked & cannot find anything, you may just want to be cautious & treat with Captain Jacks Dead Bug or Bonide Mite X. Both will not hurt the Alocasia. They also make a fungicide called Captain Jacks Copper fungicide. This fungicide is gentle as well. Usually fungal issues are browning spots spreading more with a yellow halo. I’ve seen it at the tips of the leaf & spread throughout. Hope some of this info helped. Good luck with you Alocasia & keep us updated.
I’ve also got a humidifier on mine. They’re heavy feeders too, so when watering make sure they’re getting fertilizer. I use clear pots so I can check moisture levels and root conditions easily, and have them in decorative pots, both with drainage.