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Can She be Bushier? She arrived leggy and dropping leaves and had survived, but remains leggy and dropping leaves. Should I lop the top off and try rooting in water with clone gel? Maybe try rooting a few leaves? Thanks!!! #chinesemoneyplant
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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You definitely can chop the top off and root it. I haven’t tried but based on how quickly babies root I wouldn’t hesitate if it got way too leggy.
It may just still be upset about it’s beginnings. Mine drops a round of leaves every once in a while, but it’s healthy otherwise. Just normal attrition at some point.
She is dropping leaves due to overwatering or under watering. I would check the soil before watering. Being leggy might be due to lack of light. I would give her more bright indirect light. Good luck πŸ‘.
@Paradox I agree with @Pegster πŸ’―
This is overwatering and lack of lights. Don’t put it directly into light at first it will need to acclimate but you’ll want to let the soil dry out completely and then restart your water cycle and be consistent. It will throw out pups so don’t cut it.
@ForFoxSake @KikiGoldblatt @Pegster

Thank you so for your insights. I apologize, I should have updated this... She's within a foot of a West facing window in a room with a huge skylight and a North facing window. She's bathed in bright, indirect light. I'm in Tucson so that's a lot of light! And I always check the soil and snooze Greg when he thinks she's ready for water. I wait till she's dry two inches down and then water till it runs through. I use rainwater or purified... I only have a few "trouble plants" and she's the most perplexing. She didn't have a good start but I've dealt successfully with that in other plants. I'm still a novice but I've learned a lot in my time on here. Thanks!

I almost got a refund when she came because she'd obviously been straining for light and was dropping leaves constantly. But I took a chance and repotted her before she could acclimate as she was sopping wet, got her in the best light in the house, and she started growing leaves from the top. The rest of her is one long stem... It's been a couple of months and while new leaves appear, they're often deformed and she's still dropping leaves, just not as often.

My biggest "sin" with regard to my plants is using Miracle Grow mixes instead of organic but right now, that's what I can afford both time-wise and monitarily.

I wish I weren't already following your advice - got any more? πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
@Mrsjenger Yours is beautiful! Mine has never looked like that. I think I might take more drastic measures as she really is just a tall trunk with occasional leaves until the very top where I'm actually getting some denser growth. The lower leaves keep dropping and she needs support, poor thing.

I really think she needs a second chance. I may lose her, but it's a risk I'll have to take. I'll explain everything to her so she knows and cross my fingers! ;)

Thanks for supporting this course of action and sharing your photo. I know I'm not overwatering and the density of growth at the top indicates she's got enough light now. Better do it before I lose my nerve! I have sterilized sheers ready to go. :-)
@Paradox you can do it! Mine went through some stuff too, finally found her a good pot and spot to live and she seems happy.
@Mrsjenger I was not surprised to find that her roots hadn't grown much, if at all... But! When I dumped her pot in my garden there were several tiny earthworms at the very bottom where the soil meets the rocks I add for drainage. And it was moist there, barely. Her pot was too big, but it was an emergency transplant when she arrived soaking wet, yellow, and all legs. I'd have paid her more mind but the ponytail palm that came at the same time was in terrible shape, half crushed, branches snapped... I was in emergency mode all around.

Here's a pic of her main trunk and a few leaves I had to trim in my North facing window. I have deep porches but also the benefit of a skylight and the intensity of the Tucson sun. Everyone loves this window. And the nearby West facing one is there if this doesn't work out. Fingers crossed she heard me and is feeling confident ;-)

Those poor worms won't last long out there... -sigh-
Holy cow I need to wash my window!

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