Posted 5M ago by @thefluffygarden

Brown spots on her leaves
Help help! My Calathea has brown spot on her leaves. What should i do?
10ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Orbifolias do this. Mine has the same thing 😊
Now that I say that, this looks more like something has been nibbling on it
Could be from under-watering. Found this article on reasons why this may be happening. Hope it helps….. Good luck!
@TheGoodWench what would be the best thing to do? i feel like it’s getting worse:(
@TheGoodWench i gave her a black soap treatment twice but it didn’t help..
@thefluffygarden neem oil is supposed to be good. A botanist at our local worm farm also recommends peppermint Dr Bronners soap.
@TheGoodWench awesome thanks a lot ☺️

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