Posted 1Y ago by @Nightshade

Nezuko has a dying stalk!

Hey guys! Just found that one of Nezukos stalks is dying! It’s brown and kind of squishy, anyone know what’s going on? Her roots are in water and not soil and so are her brothers are as well. @tango #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewPlantMom #PLANTMAFIA #LuckyBamboo
5ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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It looks like your grow light may be burning and drying your bamboo stick, probably. It could also be that your grow light’s heat is too intense that it’s drying your bamboo from its nutrients 🎍

My suggestion would be to check the roots and do any of these:

Remove the rotting plant from its current pot if there are other plants in it. Prepare a new pot for the lucky bamboo by putting in small stones and filling the vase halfway with distilled water. If it is easier, just use a plastic cup for this until you know the bamboo will survive. Make sure to clean roots and cut off the top of the bamboo (or any rotted part). You’re going to have to figure out a way to seal the wound with something. It’s suggested to use paraffin wax to close the wound.

Signs of root rot include yellow leaves, slimy roots, a foul smell and brown stems. You can regrow the plant from the healthy tops by cutting them just below one of the raised ridges, or nodes, on the stalk. Use a little rooting hormone powder on the cut end, and put the stalk in water until it grows roots. You can continue growing it in water or transplant it into soil once it has roots.

If you don’t want to or can’t do these options, then it may be time to discard the stalk and hope that you can figure out the perfect conditions for your bamboo 🌿🀍
Honestly it may just be part of the natural process; How often do you change your plants water?
@rynroxx I typically just put in new water when it gets low, only had her for a little
@kscape Thank you! I don’t really know how to do all that as an amateur but I can check for rot and move it farther from the light!
^^^great Advice^^^ i would like to add that the ties wrapped around the stalks should be removed asap.
@GreenGiant Alright!
The roots seem to not be affected, noticed some small black dots on the affected stalk though.
@Nightshade perfect! I would try to google/YouTube how to seal bamboo wounds at home to help you out. If the roots are not affected, then there’s a chance to save your bamboo stalk!
@kscape should I cut the whole stalk or if not where should I seal it?
Seal it wherever you make the cut! @Nightshade
Hope your plant improves.
@kscape Where should I make the cut though? Sorry if it wasn’t clear! :)
@Nightshade oops sorry, I thought I had typed it 🀣🀣

Usually I would suggest cutting above the node to encourage it to grow from there. Cutting any yellow/brown part. When you make a cut, you want to seal the fresh wound.

Looking at the image though, it’s hard to tell where to cut. Is it possible to set them apart and take a better picture that way? The one that looks damaged may look too small to cut, so maybe I would just gently wash and clean the root, and then place in its own pot with small stones, and fill it halfway with distilled water :)
@kscape unfortunately the roots are all in one mass so I wouldn’t know which is the roots of the affected stalk. What should I do? Sorry for all these questions! :)
@Nightshade No, it’s okay! I love helping 🀍

You’re going to have to gently unravel the roots and figure out which ones belong to who. I would take the base of the bamboo stalk and gently β€œbrush” the roots with my fingers. After, take one root at a time and kind of try to work it out of the mass. You may have to take out sterilized cutters and have to snip here and there to clean your roots. If you keep the infected bamboo with the others, they’ll also affect the rest of the stalks.
Alright! Thanks so much!
@kscape I took her out, I’ll cut where the yellow ends and seal it, does that sound okay?
@Nightshade Yes, but make sure to remove the band around the bamboo stalks :) I would also just suggest putting them in their own container.
@kscape Alright!
@kscape It has been completed!
Untie them
@AshleysEvrgreen They’ve been untied since I posted that last comment