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Root rot?
This is a piece of my snake plant. Is that root rot? It's squishy. #rootrot #snakeplant
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Cut up to where it’s browning from the rot like right about it and let it callous. It shouldn’t continue to travel but only time will tell. Personally i would just put in dry dirt after the callous but someone may be able to add info on that end. But first need to get that rot out to save it. I love the colors!
Yes! You will need to cut that part off and let callus
Can I save this leaf? @Boymom-plantmom
@planthoe40 should be able to as long as your able to get the rot off and it doesn’t travel. Can you get a pic of the entire leaf?
@Boymom-plantmom thank you 😊
@planthoe40 sure! Anytime!! Keep us updated :))
@Localplantlady i thought this was a joint πŸ’€πŸ’€
@kscape SAME 🀣🀣 I was like, mannnn wish mine looked that pretty 😭🀣
@kscape bahahahahaha

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