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Leaves are droopy & browning, falling off.

3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
@NoblyRivetwheat I’d check the bottom of trunks if they’re soft . I’d then check the roots ! She still is producing new leaves being a good sign . If none of the above are seen . I’d think overwatering they don’t like wet feet storing water in there trunks . They also don’t like to much direct sunlight . Hope this helps some . Good luck
That soil looks too dense for a money tree. Has it been repotted since you've had it? If not, there may also be a cage around the base of the trunks beneath the soil. You want to cut that off if you haven't already, it will choke the life out of your plant. And then repot in a chunky soil mix that drains fast. They store lots of water in their trunks.
Thanks, it’s in the soil/pot it came in from the grower. Just purchased a few weeks ago. No cage but it’s in a pot-within-a-pot for drainage.
@ILoveMyPlants thank you! I’ll hold off on watering until soil is totally dried out! I think light is good - bright but indirect southern exposure.
Either direct sun damage or it's dry. The money tree will indeed suck up water in their trunks, however, they need a deep water to accomplish that. When your soil looks dry, repeat the deep water. I've been lucky to live with a money tree for at least two decades. It seems I've seen it all. Enjoy your endearing plant. ❀️
Here she is. She was blown over in 2023 and now has a beautiful healthy baby.
Money tree plants, also known as Pachira aquatica, can lose leaves for many reasons, including normal leaf loss and stress:
Money trees may shed leaves due to overwatering, underwatering, exposure to extreme temperatures, pests, or environmental stress.
@Nocturnal666 thanks! I’ll try a different soil as per your suggestion! Just bought some tropical potting mix that indicated it’s good for money trees.
@plantstate she is beautiful
@plantstate what do you mean by Deep Water??
I think it means a good soak not just a sprinkle or splash but a good deep soak that’s what I do with mine it’s sitting facing NW beside the window and I also loosened the ties that hold the trunks.
I water mine with tons of water. I even let in sit in a saucer to soak up the water that went straight through the soil. It only needs normal potting soil. In the wild, they held water in their trunks during dry periods. In captivity...they are more forgiving. I water the minute to soil has dried out. I made the mistake of placing it in a terracotta planter after her fall. Big mistake. The darn planter sucked up water before she got a good drink. She's back in plastic where she's thrived for decades. You're going to get along well with yours. I think they sense our love or something.
@NoblyRivetwheat yes, the cage just killed mine and it had a band around it. I saw on here to check and it was too late. I’m a newbieπŸ˜€