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Root rot or dry rot?

I got this beautiful philo strawberry shake πŸ“πŸͺ΄ a few days ago from a plant show. After just checking the roots, some of them seemed to come off easily like dry rot, similar to my Hoyas. Would it be better to re root the plant completely? And in what medium? The rest of the plant looks super healthy. #Philodendron #helpneeded #help #GregGang #RootRot #GreggersSupportingGreggers
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Hard to tell with all the soil still on the roots, but it looks okay to me from the parts that I can see.

As for some of the roots coming off when checking em like that… I’m certainly not the philodendron gospel, but I almost always have a few bits/strands that will pull off and that’s okay.

How do they feel? Soft and mushy or pretty firm?
What medium is it currently in? Are the roots mushy at all or dry and brittle? I use a mixture of cactus soil, perlite and orchid bark for most of my plants which makes it less likely to over water due to the fast draining nature. I would repot it, personally! She's a beaut!
I looked again at the picture and I would definitely repot in a better draining soil, personally! πŸ˜€
@kmaytender I would clean off the plant, rinse those roots, remove any mushy roots and then spray with peroxide.

While you could pot it back up, I like to give new plants with baby roots time to grow more roots and treat it like a prop. You'll need to quarantine it anyway so propping it and allowing the roots to strengthen for a month or so will help when you're ready to repot.

I suggest using fluval or perlite to prop in. You'll be in tears if you accidentally rip roots trying to get sphagnum moss off (😩 I speak from experience).

When you do repot, use chunky mix (photos).
@GaryPoopins the outer layers of the roots that came off were soft, the thin root underneath seems kind of dry. I didn’t touch all of them once I found the bad ones.
@pothosslut it was just in soil that it came with. I never keep them in the soil they come with so that’s when I discovered the potential root problem. The outer parts of the roots that came off were mushy but the root underneath (the ones I pointed to) seem dry. I planned on repotting in a chunkier mix but just not sure what to do now after seeing this.
@AwesomePlants that is a good point about getting moss off the roots. So tedious! I might try perlite. I was planning on repotting it with a chunky mix like you said, I use chunky mixes for all of my plants.
@GaryPoopins @pothosslut @AwesomePlants this is a closer look after letting it soak and removing more soil… it looks like the rot is spreading to the stem potentially. Should I cut above that spot?
@kmaytender are any of those remaining roots mushy? If so just remove them. Unless the stem is also mushy, maybe just make a small clean cut, spray stem and remaining roots with peroxide, let cut scab over for a few hours or so and then put in perlite to grow some healthy roots.
@kmaytender unfortunately, a lot if shops do this. This was probably a recent prop yhat they stuck in a 4" so they vould charge more for a 4" instead of a cutting price. I'm glad you inspected the roots asap so you can give it a fair chance to now thrive.
@AwesomePlants the remaining roots seem okay except maybe the ones on the very bottom, they’re firm but seems half broken off so I’m thinking of making a cut off the bottom two nodes and since the very bottom looks the most rotty. Do you spray with diluted peroxide or what ratio do you use? I’ve always done 30/70 peroxide to water.
@kmaytender I just spray with peroxide, never hurt any of my plants.
@kmaytender @AwesomePlants has you covered! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@AwesomePlants which plants do you use your chunky mix for? Would this mix work for any plant that loves lots of drainage? Excluding succulents and moisture loving plants I mean. I’m working on a basic soil mix for my plants.