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What does your plant setup look like? πŸ‘€
I just moved, and I finally have all my plants situated! What do you think? What’s your setup look like?
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Not the best pic but here’s mine!
Ooo this looks amazing!!
(That’s about half my plants, I couldn’t fit them all in one pic and didn’t think to take two but now there’s a cat on me so I can’t take another)
It’s beautiful 🀩
Oh I like this very urban jungle library feel
@Megan i love all your windows so much 😍
@Curry it’s so cozy. I love how it turned out.
@Megan hehehe - cannot disturb a sleeping cat.
@RighteousPotato thank you!
@RJG this is exactly the vibe I want in my life at all times !!
@Lara thank youuuu
@Lara nailed it then!

Here's my living room space 😌
Love them
@RJG it’s so cozy. I love it. So many perfect reading nooks
@FitBrowallia thank you!
@Lara that's the hope! 😌
Awesome setup! Did you take the photo at night? How much light are they getting? If not a lot, some of those need more light. You may need to supplement with #GrowLights .
@AwesomePlants yep. photo was taken at night. they get plenty of sun during the summer, but - as the days get shorter - I’ll probably add a few grow lights in there.
@Megan 😍

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