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Prop Time!
This snake plant has been happy but not thriving no matter the location, so I have been thinking about repotting and starting over by proping some of the leaves.

I know both soil and water methods work great, but which do you prefer? I can't decide!
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14ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I would do water it’s safer because you can’t overwater or underwater

If it were my snake plant I would cut the bottoms off of the snake plant with sterilized scissors or pruners. Sterilize them by using rubbing alcohol. When you do cut it let it callus over for a few days then prop it in water.

Rooting a Snake Plant in Water
Put the cut end of the leaf in just enough water to cover the bottom quarter of tissue. Place the container in an indirect light situation and change the water every couple of days. Soon you will see little roots. Wait until you have about 3 inches of roots before potting.
I like soil so you only have to shock it once, and it’s less work for me in the long run
I usually go with water prop so I can watch it, then I pop it in soil when the roots are a few inches long.
Water it is! Meet the snakelets!