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I don’t know what is wrong with my lavander.. it looks li...

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I’m sorry about the condition of your English Lavender. I agree with Greg Expert @Jilliansue. Your plant profile indicates no drainage, this will cause overwatering and root rot. This is a drought-tolerant plant, so it requires infrequent watering and fast draining soil. (Water ever 2 weeks during the growing season and avoid watering in the winter.) It also loves being in full sun. The aromas of their flowers is best in full sun. The more sun it gets, the more blooms it will produce. The indirect light location may have been Insufficient.
The solution:
β€’Remove dead leaves and debris around the plant.
β€’Remove it out of the container to inspect the roots. Cut any rotting roots using a sterile pair of pruners.
β€’Replant it in containers with drainage and add a little more gravel or sand to the soil to improve the drainage.
I hope your plant will have a speedy recovery.
It sounds like you’re overwatering it
I would maybe cut it back and stop watering 😭 maybe something will come back ?